Dear Ate Julie,

Photo grabbed from her FB account.

          I have been thinking a lot about you since the day I heard of  your passing.  I still cannot believe I will never see you again-- your positive disposition and your smiling face.  As I pen this message to you, I repeatedly scrolled back our chat history and the pictures that we were in together to make sure I do not miss anything.

          Thank you for the times you have opened your home to us.  I remember the first time I took a trip alone to Manila ten years ago.  My date of departure was nearing and I haven't found a place to stay yet.  To make sure I will not be turned down when I approach you, I went to Auntie Tita first to ask if you were the type who do not mind accepting visitors.  Truly the gracious host, you welcomed me and let me stay and even offered to send me to the airport upon my return to Cebu.  I also had the chance to experience Baguio because of you and your family.  Thanks a lot for letting me tag along, I am very grateful.  And then came a time when Daddy needed a place to stay in Manila.  We were arguing again because I wouldn't let him book a hotel stay using my credit card.  My logic was why spend much when we can save some cash by staying at your place?  Being the proud person that he is, he did not approach you.  So I made lamon my kahihiyan and asked you if you can accommodate him in your home for a night or two.  Not only did he have a place to stay, he found a driver in you too! 😅

        I also remember the times you and Ate Celyn talk, argue or complain about each other.  Mga talinis ug mga boses 😆.  In one of those conversations, I cannot forget how you commented on someone else's anak by saying dugyot.  I was silently laughing on my own because although blunt, na tumbok mo ang word talaga

          I saw how well you kept your family enjoying your role as a wife and a mother. You were the glue that stuck them together (your siblings and mother included). 

          I will never forget those times you dropped me a message on my birthdays.  I was inspired by your family trip that during one of my birthdays, I brought my whole family for a vacation in Davao.  The times you called me for some business proposals...

          For a person who loves to organize trips and events, you left us all disoriented by your sudden departure.  You failed to assign a new admin to our chat group.  😥  Your initial plans for a cousin reunion will never come into fruition because you are no longer around.

          Thank you for everything Ate Julie.  I am happy I've got a few fond memories of you for me to remember you by.  Rest well.  

  💗   Kate           


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