Turbo-Roast Pork Belly

No matter how many times I fail, cooking will always be something I will not be quitting from.  I rarely cook but I always give in to the urge when I am craving for something.

What's so good about pork belly roasts?  It is very easy to prepare and yet you get a heavy meal you'd be leaving the table with your bellies so full.

Sans the electric oven, I experimented on my roasted pork belly using the turbo broiler.  Yielded the same results: extra-yummy and extra juicy.  And while people rely on salt and pepper for its flavors, I relied on the brine so that the flavors seep in on the entire meat itself.

Here's my recipe guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVsVg75Rjlg

Brine Ingredients:

Bay Leaf (optional, depends on your preference)
Lemon Grass
Pepper Corns

For The Belly Filling:

White Pepper Powder
Lemon Grass
Bay Leaf (again, depends on your preference)

* I had the last 4 ingredients chopped finely because I also like munching on these spices when cooked.
* The quantity and amount of all the ingredients above depends on your taste preference, so add as much as you please.
* P.S. do not forget to buy your pork belly.


1. Boil 4 cups of water and toss the brine ingredients together;
2. Slowly stir until the salt is melted and the flavors infused;
3. Set aside and let it cool;
4. Once at room temperature, add your belly roll into the pot or basin;
5. Put as much water enough to cover the meat;
6. Soak in brine for at least 8 hours (in my case, a day).

The Next Day...

1. Retrieve the meat from the bowl and pat dry;
2. Spread salt and pepper on both sides of the meat;
3. Arrange your chopped fillings and roll the meat, tie with kitchen twine;
4. Wrap in foil and place in broiler at a heat of 200 degrees celsius;
5. After an hour, remove the foil, rub soy sauce to the skin (this is to achieve that golden brown and crispy skin);
6. Replace in broiler and cook for about 2.5 - 3 more hours;
7.  Do not forget to rotate the meat every 3o minutes to prevent one side from burning;
8.  Once cooked, let it sit for about 10-15 minutes before eating it (exposure to air will help in achieving that skin crispiness).

So much for my first attempt, Bon Appetit!

>>>  End  <<<


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