The Irony Of The Everyday Life

... when you intend to keep a secret but everybody knows it already;

... when your favorite pastime is to back stab people without you knowing that everybody is already back stabbing you;

... when he who does the least work is the one who gets the most pay;

... when he who has so much to say doesn't have so much to show;

... when you forget that you are dispensable;

... when nobody really cares if you cannot make it to the party;

... when someone tells you something and you know they are lying;

... when you are too eager posting statuses in social media without you knowing you can be hit by it;

... when the real rumormongers are not the people at the bottom;

... when people sell fights that nobody wants to buy;

... when people have nothing left but their pride;

... when people do not walk their talk;

... when people do shit and expect others to fix it for them;

... when there is no one who can help you but yourself and you wait for people to say that to your face;

... when you bite the hand that feeds you;

... when you are in deep shit and are too proud to admit it;

... when you are too busy and consumed with the rumors that surround you, you tend to forget that your life is worthy of a senseless rumor too;

... when you think that you are better than anyone else;

... when you think your opinion is so strong you let your mouth speak instead of your mind;

... when you think that because you are opinionated, you are smart;

... when you think that because you are right, you can say whatever it is that you are thinking;

... when your life is so much better in social media than in reality;

... when people don't get it that we have different purposes in life, and marriage is only an option out of the many;

... when you point your dirty fingers at someone;

... when the more you hide something, the more people will tend to know what you are hiding;

...when you do not want the person who wants you but want the person who doesn't want you;

... when the hardest part of everyday is to wake up and show your face to the world when all you really want to do is hide;

... when you are forced to evade people because of your very own doing;

... when you criticize people without knowing that you are more flawed than the person you are criticizing;

...  when you pretend that it does not bother you when in truth and in fact, it does;

... when you pretend that you are strong when you really want to break down and cry;

... or when you pretend that you are strong but you are really chicken shit;

... when the people know that the facade you show everybody is really your defense mechanism;

... when you are so fond of looking for petty fights but instantly backs down at the first person who's ready to put up a fight with you;

... when all you are good at is rumor mongering;

... when you've got the brains but don't know how to use it;




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