Abysmal Badian Canyons

Badian (Downstream) Canyoneering (October 10, 2015)

I never knew how blessed Cebu is in terms of its natural resources until I came to experience canyoning in Badian.  For those people who has a great taste of adventure, this activity is a must-try.

Badian is just 3 hours away from the city.  You can prepare around Php 100.00 for the bus trip commencing in the South Bus Terminal.  In our case, we had a car convoy.  You must depart early.  This activity can usually take 3 hours if you are doing it with a smaller group (3-4 people).  Ours took almost 7 hours because there were 12 of us.

There are various start-off points, and our group started in Alegria as per the advise of our guide, Sir Kyno (0999 325 9621 / 0939 658 6473).  The entrance fee from the point of Alegria is only Php 20.00.  This is for the environmental and maintenance fees (kuno).

After settling the entrance fee, you have to hire a habal-habal to take you off to the starting point.  There you are to rent a helmet and a life vest.  While putting these things on, our guide gave us some briefings and we said a short prayer after.

First jump-off point.

The first jump-off point is about 15 feet high, and this for me, was the most challenging jump.  Not because of the height, but because it is the first jump and your first time to get wet in the activity.  You wouldn't know what to expect until you hit the waters.

(You will not be forced to jump though.  In case your fear will get the best of you, there are other means and detour tracks.  The only disadvantage, it would take you longer.)

The jumping, sliding and swimming will totally unleash the kid in you!

And the moment of truth....

The last jump is about 25-30 feet high.  To quote Seth Godin: If this scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

After this, you need to hike again to exit.
You will pass by Kawasan falls on your trail and will exit at the Alegria Church proper.
And please note, exit fee is Php 50.00.

And just to get you more convinced to try this, here's a compilation video of the activity that a friend made:

All credit goes to Angeli Cosido for this video.



Php 207 - fare going to the South Bus Terminal (meet-up area);
Php 25 - bought taho and coffee at 7/11;
Php 50 - habal-habal ride to briefing area;
Php 20 - entrance fee;
Php 800 - helmet, life jacket, fee for guides (try your luck in negotiating with your chosen guide);
Php 50 - exit fee;
Php 500 - (estimate only) for car gas and food)
Php 107 - taxi fare from Ayala to home

>>> End of Escapade <<<


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