Ann's Salad Dressing

Today was another opportunity to cook something new.
You see, I was never really at home most of the time for the past 3 weeks.  
So this weekend, I decided to stay at home and think of something to do, and what better way to waste time than cook, right?

The last 3 days, I thought of preparing something healthy.
I've been doing a lot of meat dishes and boy this ain't good!  So I decided to make the green and healthy ones.  The only catch: I'd like a DIY-kind of dressing.

I tried searching the internet for the ingredients but unfortunately, I found most of them are hard to find here in Cebu.  

BFF to the rescue!  I asked Ann for a simple dressing with very easy-to-find ingredients. Having lived in the states for quite a time, I know she can give me one, with green salads being common dishes in the US.

First, let me list down my salad mixture:

Singakamas (Native Turnip)
Green Bell Pepper
Yellow Bell Pepper

Cucumber (in stock)

Mushroom (in stock)
Sweet Corn
Grated Cheese
Mango (my mother happened to slice ripe mangoes so I tossed some into the bowl)


Take the frugal person's advice:

Since only three of us are veggie-eating people in the household, I cannot buy these ingredients one by one.  So I went to SM and bought their freshly-sliced green salad ingredients that are charged per gram.

Second: Ingredients for Ann's Salad Dressing:

Mustard (I filled two small, empty containers from S&R's relish counter, no charge!)
Lemon (in stock)
Salt & Pepper (to taste)



For the mixture:

(Before anything else, wash salad mixture ingredients!)

Julienne Singkamas, Green / Yellow Bell Pepper, Carrots, Cucumber;
Cut Lettuce into bite-sizes;
Slice mushrooms into bite-sizes;
Slice mango into desired shape and size;


For Ann's Dressing:

Mix equal parts of Mustard, Honey and Lemon;
Add in Salt and Pepper to taste

For documentation's sake, arrange them well in the bowl in such a way that when people see it, they'd say it's delicious!

Then toss and mix everything inside the bowl.

Verdict:  They liked it!

----- oOo -----

Cost of this dish (this made two bowls of servings):

Php 44.88 - 0.204 grams of fresh salad mix (from SM);
Php 23.00 - Eden's grated cheese;
Php 36.48 - 0.114 grams of Dole's Lettuce (bought it separately because Dole's appears to be fresher);
Php 84.50 - Honey (I only had two spoonfuls)


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