BINIGNIT (my version of--)


(Quantity is based on how much you want to cook)

Camote (Sweet Potato) and Gabi (Taro Root), both cubed

Banana Cardava / Saba (cubed)
Jackfruit / Langka
Sago (it's never Binignit without this)

Sugar (amount is based on how sweet you want your Binigit to be)
Thick Coconut Milk (from first squeeze, a cup will do)
Light Coconut Milk (from second squeeze)


1.  Cook Gabi and Camote in Light Coconut Milk in medium fire;
2. Add in Banana and Langka after 15 - 30 minutes (or until Gabi is already tender);
3. Add in Sago and Sugar;
4. After mixture thickens slightly, add the thick coconut milk squeeze (remember to not wait for it to boil after adding the thick coco squeeze.

And the finish product...

BINIGNIT is popular during the Lenten Season where most people prefer to eat light (some none at all) as a sort of abstinence and/or penitence.

Although there is already a Tagalog version (Guinataang Halu-halu), this dish originated from the Visayas.

Bon Appetit!


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