Happy Birthday, Ann!

Open this link in another tab while you go reading the entry below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCTJJ78ffjo

I hope I can blame our intermittent internet connection, but I have to admit, this greeting has long been overdue. 😁

I found our first ever correspondence since you migrated to the US.  Can you imagine?!  This letter is now 11 years old!
But our friendship has started waaaay beyond those years.

It was when we were in Grade 4 (or 3?) that we started chasing each other kay mamuklas ta ug sayal and then it evolved to petty quarrels ala iring ug iro, bahaw-bahaw sa barracks in the airbase, and the rest is history... 😝

Apart from the one I have with my family, ours seems to be the longest relationship I've ever had.

This entry would serve as a simple Thank You for sticking with me even though I was the type na super selosa, sumpungin and maldita (hmmm unsa pa kaha?) when we were young.

Thank you for the unwavering support despite the thousands of miles of separation.  Though our communication has become less, I am assured that you are still there (and am for you).

Note that I've always valued and appreciated the time, the advises you give me, the short exchanges of messages every now and then.

The moment I turned 30, I realized that time is running short so I vowed to make good memories year by year.  After all, they say life begins at 30!

I wish it will hold true to you too!  May you and your family be more blessed with healthy bodies and spirit.
May you always stay humble (thank you for that) and simple~

Missing you nah!  And again, salamat andiyan ka pag kailangan kita 

P.S. I've never forgotten your birthday hap!  Na late lang gyud ng bonggang-bongga.

I wub yah! 😘

almost 3 decades now (sus akong dagway)


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