Ms. Right

I sent him a message but then he chose to ignore it.  Come to think of it, i knew what would be the outcome of that act.
Why this time, it does not hurt any longer?  Maybe I have come to realizing and accepting that things are really over
between him and me.  I am better off being alone.  Hmmm, I really am comfortable being alone.  As of now, I am not ready to
enter into another relationship.  Don't get me wrong, I want to be in a relationship, but the time's not right for me now.
I knew in the beginning I liked him and I had genuine feelings for him.  But during the duration of our relationship,
I was not really able to admit that HE WAS THE ONE.  But when he was gone, I began to realize he could have been the one.
Well, for him to be the one, it does not need for me only to decide.  He chose to leave me and if leaving me would make
him happy, then let the case be as it is.  Could he have been the one, only time can tell.
All i want to say is, for the next relationship I will be entering, I hope and pray that I be MS. RIGHT for MR. RIGHT.


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