I Can't Understand

Not long ago, when I was so busy with school and my life, people kept on inviting me to go to this and to go to that, do this and do that.  Now that I am done with school, they are all gone!  Sigh!
Now i am stuck in the house for 2 whole days.  Plan did not go through last night because they joined another night out with another group.  It made me really angry.  Should I be at my boiling point right now?  I hate fickle-minded people.  People who only lets me wait and in the end, let me wait for nothing.
No game this afternoon to.  People begged-off.  And I am alone with  you netbook.
Thank you net book for coming into my life!  Without you, I would not know what I am doing right now.  Might be facing my law books?  Double sigh!


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