An Idle Mind in the Office (09162010)

while aboard the elevator going down, i was
contemplating on my stay at lexmark.
for almost three months of stay, i haven't
found some guy who caught my eye.
towards my way to the vending machine,
head bent, i asked myself where could these
species be, i am sure god allocated some of
them in this company!
as i took my cup from the machine, i was
on my way back to the elevator...
then, lo and behold! as if god was reading
my thoughts, enter in this hot guy. tall,
fair-skinned and utterly handsome,
possessing an ngelic face.
how much percentage is the chance of him
and me riding the same elevator in going
i was on the elevator already while he was
still swiping his i.d. card at the
reception area. as i keyed in my floor
number, the door won't slide close.
push, push, push, close, open, close, open.
and then by some extended
luck, he was there, in front of me, going
wow, 7th floor! that's where one specie is
located! he alighted the elevator.
i had the chance of seeing his ass. nice
package you got there..
around 4 - 430 pm, i'll be having my
regular cup of coffee then, pawning on your
zap! my conciousness was telling me.
caffeine in system had already
subsided. back to real world dear..
many pick slips to print and deliveries
to invoice.
oh well, i will be watching you... at
least, i will be having something to
look forward to at work.
(note: content in this page is a product of
an idle mind. read at your own risk)


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