sad story 1

     they met when both their worlds were torn apart.  each bearing the complexities of their day to day lives. with them, a magical thing started. a nice kind of kinship, a deeper kind of friendship.
    he was there to assist her, and she to listen to his anguish. both clung to each other for survival. 
     and so the status went on for an ample time. despite the silence, they knew certainly by heart that the other was just there standing by at arm's length.
    one day she woke up. just when she was about to say that the struggle is now over and gone, he was nowhere to be found. he'd gone his own way.
    he'd left without a trace. by then she knew that one good thing has come to an end. in fact, the "good thing" has even yet to start.
    she could only utter a whispered, "why?"
    he was there when she needed him. why did he leave when she wanted him?
     she cannot fathom the possible reasons.
     it was all good camaraderie. it started and ended in that kind of way.
     they stood along with each other. they both helped each other forget their sad fates, AND YET, HE STARTED ANOTHER ONE...
     she just hoped she could have seen his back when he was about to leave.
     her sincere and heartfelt gratitude towards him.


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