had a discussion with a classmate over a couple he took notice of.  he said they were mismatched. physically, i did agree. he said the girl's very attractive. a flat tummy, no flabby arms, fair-skinned, a CPA. and the guy, obviously, he underestimated him.  i told him that indeed, they were not a match when we try to look at them physically, but we don't really know what is going on between the two of them. another seatmate asked, "bai, uyab na sila?" hearing the positive answer, he asked how did the guy do that? i was quick to defend the guy's side. first and foremost, the three of us really don't know both of them.. i said there could be something with the guy that endeared him to the lady.  and the friend told me that he could not fathom what reasons could there be. i was so engrossed with the conversation that i forgot what i planned on telling him by the time he makes another "panghimantay" again.
     he does that very often, i would not know if his pagkahimatayon is inherent in him or natakdan lang pud sa usa ka higala. yes, we do notice something odd in our surroundings every now and then. we notice that he or she looks bad or that she is fat, or that we see two people walking together and then we ask, "sila na?"
   my god! we cannot help but notice! but to voice out what it is that we notice everytime is another thing.  freedom of speech indeed. there is no stopping us when it comes to the legal aspect of that part, but come on, morally, i say we have to tame our tongues. we can talk as much as we can, until our mouths run dry but... by the way, the freedom of speech granted to us by our law is not even absolute. morally speaking guys, i think, if we don't have something good to say about a person, we must think over again and again before we let it come out of our mouths.  my mother once told me, that if we do not have something good to say about a person, then better keep quiet, shut up, zip!
   why not be more conscious about ourselves. examine what is within us that could possibly be criticized by other people.  before we pass judgment upon others, try to judge ourselves first.
     even for discussion's sake, we should refrain from saying bad things about others. why not discuss events rather than people? discuss great people with great achievements rather than people we take notice of everyday for we see something odd in them?
     i'm just pissed off really. why not, for once, just not give a damn about the surroundings? just give a damn on your self?
     people, people, people, let us not say everything that we think, but rather think everything that we say. okay?


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