some lyrics

funny, well, not actually. just saying that these particular wordings in the song hit me:

i've been living with a shadow overhead
i've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed
i've been lonely for so long
trapped in the past, i can't seem to move on

i've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away
just incase i ever need em again someday
i've been setting aside time
to clear a little space of the corners of my mind

---when it comes to love, everyone of us have an opinion or two. i recently read a friend's blog entry. an old topic. but each opinion paints a different kind of picture. we all have a piece of that bug. although mine was really a disappointing experience, i can say that i am glad i did experience it. and pity to those who haven't. some say i've been bitter after the break-up. hell, yeah i was! who woudn't be? with what i've been through. and they said it was the choice i made. good heavens it was!
---for a time, i have been in denial. all the time, i kept blaming the person. around 3 months ago, i accepted that i too, was responsible for my fate---and some people. blaming would not work this time. i just want to let them see that it was ENTIRELY not my fault. and to whoever it was that was at fault too, i just want you to acknowledge it. apology would not do good this time. just accepting the fact that you have wronged someone would be enough
---for now, i'm cool with the situation. i realized that i alone could help myself. and it would mean a lot more if a support network could help me help myself, not make me remember my stupidity a long time ago.
---i believe that time heals all wounds. but if the wound be forced opened every now and then, it would take a lot more of time. my wound is healed at its surface, and i am quite sure that the healing would go through deeper. just, please, just don't force it open, lest it bleeds again.
---as of the moment, i am done with love. but this won't be for long. i am mending my broken self until the time that i would be whole again, i'd be able to enter into a more mature relationship (and break my self all over again?)...


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