illicit affairs

come to think of it, one can get a lesson from people engaging in illicit affairs. they appreciate the value of time.  every meeting, every time they have for each other is time well-spent, knowing that, somehow, it could be their last time together.  why the last time together? because everything between them is illegal, unlawful, everything is not meant to be hence, they spend it as if they're never gonna see each other again.
   i wish people would have that outlook in life (me included). like spending one's day as if it is their last. then maybe, just maybe, they could have spent life meaningfully, every second of it. one need not enter into an illicit affair, please, i am not promoting that. just change life the way you see it, do not take it for granted. i should be telling my self this because i take my life for granted. well, just sort of a reminder to everyone.  ciao!


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