Analyzing Kate P.

     As i would be writing this blog entry, i would be going along with where my hands and thoughts would lead me.  a sort of warning, i may not know the outcome of this.  if for some reason i would be leaving your jaw hanging, don't be dazed, i might be gaping in the end as well.
     after 23 years, this would be the first time i would be talking about Katrina Suico Pusta.  if you do not feel like reading this, you are always welcome to click on somebody else's blog site.
     so here it goes...
---her family is her solace.  this is where she confines herself when she finds the outside world so complicated.
---family time is quality time. every meal with all the members of her family seated on the table, every fulfilling discussion, light moments, moments of laughter --- is time well-spent.
---if there is anything in the whole world that she could brag about, it would be her family.  yes, her family is far from perfect, but the kind that she has is just enough to make her feel proud of where she comes from.
---kate's family is, by so far, the best of all the blessing she has ever received. she would be forever thankful.
---her father is her greatest idol. she hopes to become just like him someday--successful in his field. kate looks up to his father with so much respect depsite her father's imperfections.
---she considers her mother her confidant. when problems beset her about her sisters or her father or even her friends, she runs to her mother to confide. so far, she has never met anyone who could beat her mother's patience.
---she would always be proud of the trust her parents are giving her. by far, she had never done something that could break her parents' confidence in her. that trust is her ticket to everything --night outs, drinking sessions with friends, etc., etc. you know how she got that? TRANSPARENCY my dear. she tells her parents the truth, that's why they trust her.
---she is her sisters' pain in their asses. she nags at kristina all the time because she does not do what kate tasks her to do. kristina is the laziest person in the family. sometimes, for the sake of having fun, kate bugs her when she's so engrossed with her school books and school notes. kate is proud of kristina on one thing:when it comes to academics, she is never the laziest one. studying and making school projects are her hobby.
---as to karmela, she never has the ability to spell karmela's attitude. sometimes, she can be overly accomodating, sometimes, the mere act of talking to her just pisses her off. that's why, of all her siblings, she considers karmela as the least person closest to her.  they both agree on one thing though, they just love to tease kristina and karmina. karmela, or kamille can be giving at times.  one trait kate appreciates about her is that she just gives what she can and what she wants to give.
---she considers karmina as the family's darling. karmina is chubby and huggable. very spoiled. karmina can sometimes be too inquisitive. at times, kate could only shake her head in awe as to her questions, sometimes, her questions could raise kate's eyebrows--just too irritating. she loves to join karmina eating.  the mere fact of looking at her sister enjoying each spoonful of food is already an appetizer.
---though kate and her sisters fight a lot, they share one thing in common, they like to laugh at each others' misfortunes, even  their parents' misfortunes. she takes note of the times when the four of them are in the living room when their parents are already asleep. they just talk or laugh, argue or agree on something.  that thing alone erases all the worries.
---as you can see by the above-mentioned testimonials, kate's family is the best thing that has ever happened to her.
-----------------------to be continued--------------------------------


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