Lexmark: A Company Review

The decision to leave Lexmark will remain to be a pivotal part of my working life.  Was I able to establish a career in there?  No.  Had I imagined myself establishing a career in there?  In one way or another, yes.  Lexmark has set the bar high so much that where ever I will go, it will serve as a benchmark on my future choice of companies.  Leaving the company was a suicidal decision because I was saying goodbye to a good employer with nowhere to go and no company to transfer to.

What makes Lexmark stand out from the rest?  Here are my reasons:

A Convenient Hiring and On-boarding Process.  
Once you get identified for the position, a background investigation is conducted.  After passing such, the company makes the job offer and at the same time provide you a list of items required to prepare you for the on-boarding process.  My second on-boarding process took faster than the first.  I guess this depends on how urgent you are needed by the hiring manager.  The second time I joined the…

A Nifty Habit

Here’s a nifty habit I would want to share with you... I kind of inherited this from my mother actually...
You see, when we visit food establishments and order our food, the service crews tend to give us more than enough tissues than we actually need.  So what I do is I set aside the extras, keep them in my purse (I purposely designated a purse for my collection) and save them incase I would need them for future use.
This way, I do not have unnecessary wastage; I am able to save mother earth in my own little way (since at this point in time, I’m having a hard time ditching plastic straws); and I now seldom buy those tissue packs sold at Watson’s.
P.S. Thanks to my friend, Nadine for the purse.  It was her pasalubong from Thailand.
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Ang Limang Patakaran sa Pangungutang

Ito ang ating dapat tandaan kung tayo ay nagnanais mangutang ng pera sa ating kapwa:


Hindi lang naman pera ang pakay natin dito.  Kapag nangutang tayo ng pera, para na rin natin hinihingi ang tiwala ng pinag-uutangan natin.  Tiwala na sa ating pangungutang, magbabayad tayo.


Ang nangungutang lang kasi ang makapal ang mukha.  Karamihan sa atin na pinag-uutangan, nahihiyang maningil.  Kaya magbigay tayo ng petsa kung kailan natin ito mababayaran.  Para naman isahan lang ang paniningil ng ating mga inuutangan.  Isa rin itong patnubay na may intensyon tayong bayaran ang hiniram nating halaga.


Huwag na natin hintayin maningil ang taong pinag-uutangan natin.  Kung makakabayad tayo nang mas maaga, abay mas maganda!  Kung hindi naman, maniguradong makakabayad tayo sa petsa na pinangako natin.  Kapag ito ay nagawa, senyales ito na tayo ay isang taong mapapagkatiwalaan.  At kung tayo ay mapa…

The Irony Of The Everyday Life

... when you intend to keep a secret but everybody knows it already;
... when your favorite pastime is to back stab people without you knowing that everybody is already back stabbing you;
... when he who does the least work is the one who gets the most pay;
... when he who has so much to say doesn't have so much to show;
... when you forget that you are dispensable;
... when nobody really cares if you cannot make it to the party;
... when someone tells you something and you know they are lying;
... when you are too eager posting statuses in social media without you knowing you can be hit by it;
... when the real rumormongers are not the people at the bottom;
... when people sell fights that nobody wants to buy;
... when people have nothing left but their pride;
... when people do not walk their talk;
... when people do shit and expect others to fix it for them;
... when there is no one who can help you but yourself and you wait for people to say that to your face;
... when you bite the …

Abysmal Badian Canyons

Badian (Downstream) Canyoneering (October 10, 2015)
I never knew how blessed Cebu is in terms of its natural resources until I came to experience canyoning in Badian.  For those people who has a great taste of adventure, this activity is a must-try.
Badian is just 3 hours away from the city.  You can prepare around Php 100.00 for the bus trip commencing in the South Bus Terminal.  In our case, we had a car convoy.  You must depart early.  This activity can usually take 3 hours if you are doing it with a smaller group (3-4 people).  Ours took almost 7 hours because there were 12 of us.

There are various start-off points, and our group started in Alegria as per the advise of our guide, Sir Kyno (0999 325 9621 / 0939 658 6473).  The entrance fee from the point of Alegria is only Php 20.00.  This is for the environmental and maintenance fees (kuno).

After settling the entrance fee, you have to hire a habal-habal to take you off to the starting point.  There you are to rent a helmet and a …